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Grief Support

Hospice - Gift of Love

Hospice offers grief support (also called bereavement) to you and your loved ones through one-on-one emotional support. Families can have grief support for up to 13 months after their loved one has died. Grief support is offered to both adults and children.

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a philosophy that affirms life and views dying as a natural process which will occur in due time and which can be met with dignity. It is also a special way of caring for a person's illness which cannot be cured. Through Hospice care, patients have the opportunity to make their own decisions about how and where they wish to live the remainder of their lives.

Who is Hospice for?

The young, middle aged and elderly. That covers anyone who may be diagnosed with a terminal prognosis by their physician. Hospice services are available to persons who have probably entered the last six months of life and have made a decision, along with their family and physician, to forego further curative treatment in favor of comfort measures.

What types of services are provided?

Skilled nursing, symptom management, pain control, spiritual care, bereavement counseling, respite care, home health aide services, medical equipment and social worker.

Who covers these Services?

Hospice services are available to people of all ages. Individuals or their families can contact Gift of Love to schedule an informational evaluation to assess needs in the home and appropriateness for Hospice care.

Benefits of Hospice

Allows the family to spend time with loved one. Hospice will help make final service arrangements for beloved one if needed.

Qualifying Criteria for Non-Profit Service

  • Gross income must be less than $775.83 for individual per month or per year $9,310.
  • Gross income must be less than $1040.83 for combined income month or per year 12,490.
  • Must receive doctor referral for terminal illness (6 months or less).
  • Patient must agree to follow contracted agency plan of care